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Remembering Landscape 

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This series was an exploration of the way in which I put something of myself into my paintings. It looks at the mental images that develop after many visits to a place and explores the question: are they more real, more valuable to us than the original experience we had?

"I have painted what I saw in my memory – a collection of thoughts and feelings, in which a portrayal of the quality of light is important, since it has a dramatic effect on how we perceive a place. I have attempted to identify the colour hues of light native to the English landscape and have let my response to them dictate the saturation of colour I use, giving the images a dream-like quality."

These paintings also give the onlooker the sensation of standing in the field, experiencing something of my memory. The land curves towards the foreground, to give the sensation of being drawn to focus on the point in the landscape that I focused on.

"In my view, we each have a strong relationship with the land that we live in or travel through. Our identity and security are often bound up with it, and we store up mental images of it, to be used in those moments when we need either to escape a situation, or to feel secure in another. Through these paintings I hope to remind the onlooker of their own relationship with the land and to suggest that humanity and nature not only coexist, but also co-operate to produce spiritual environments of strength and beauty."


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  autumn fields  cloud descending  last light  mauve light 
quiet light rain in may  september fields spring morning 
storm approaching summer evening vibrant light