Are you looking for someone with skill, understanding and flexibility to help you realise your creative vision? Beverley offers a range of services at a very reasonable rate that can make your ideas into a reality.

Bev has experience of running workshops for adults and children, and for a wide range of abilities. If you would like to add a creative workshop or seminar to an event or conference that you are planning, she can help.

This series of four art workshops uses the process of expressive drawing and painting of trees to reflect and illustrate aspects of life's journey through the seasons. 

I can shape each workshop to make it work well for your local community, friends or church group, and I will bring all equipment and materials needed. You can choose one seasonal workshop or complete all four through the year!

We can create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and each person will leave having created a personal piece of artwork that expresses their reflections.

Using objects and photos from nature, music, memory, observation drawing and expressive experimentation, all these workshops are open to all abilities, but with scope to develop your skills.

To explore this opportunity, simply email: [email protected]

Other themes can also be considered, such as ‘God in the Storm,’ an art meditation on trusting and finding peace in the storms of life. Let’s talk about what you need!