Expressing faith with others

A relationship with God, who is Father, brings us into a family with a myriad of sisters and brothers! So, it makes sense that faith is often expressed communally. Most often this is through congregational singing, but it's amazing how many people step forward when you offer a crowd the opportunity to express themselves creatively through art. I love preparing the outline of large images, which many people can then add to and bring to completion together.

Hands Together (150cm x 150cm)

I invited friends to send me pictures of 'what they do with their hands.' Most sent me pictures of them at work, and some at play. During a worship service with about 2000 people present and watching, I (and an apprentice) then created this image, conveying the range of ways in which people serve God and delight in the good things that he has given.

I can see! (240cm x 120cm)

Another summer festival. At this one, we were encouraged by the stroies of Jesus healing people medically, like 'Blind Bartimaeus.' 

Made up of about 800 Post-It notes, each with a prayer or something for which to be grateful. This one was lots of fun, but the final piece didn't last very long!

Mountains (180cm x 120cm)

This one involved members of a crowd of about 750 people, gathered at a summer festival.

The mural was buit with the children and congregation over three mornings as we focused on 'Ascending to God' using some Psalms of Ascent (125, 126 & 127) from the story of the Old Testament Israelites. The mountains represented each person's thoughts on how God surrounds us. The river of tears represented how God restores us when we walk through difficulty. Finally, the junk model city showed how God builds with each one of us.